How much does it cost to cancel DIRECTV service?

If you cancel your service or if your account was deactivated because you did not maintain the minimum programming requirements, you will be charged a deactivation fee of $15. If you cancel before your contract ends, you will be charged a deactivation fee of $15 plus a prorated early cancellation fee of up to $20/month.

To cancel DIRECTV service, please call 800.531.5000 to speak with a customer service representative.

Note: If your DIRECTV service is combined with AT&T and you use myAT&T to manage your account, please call us at 800.288.2020 to cancel service. Cancellation fees vary depending on what’s being cancelled and if applicable, bundle discounts may be impacted.

If moving to a new address, you may be able to take your DIRECTV service with you! Check out DIRECTV Movers Deal or call 855.333.0032 for more information.