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How to set DIRECTV Parental Controls


With DIRECTV Parental Controls, it's easy to limit or block any programming you consider inappropriate for children. Every show has a parental ratings tab on its information page which details the show’s overall message and contents (sexual content, violence, commercialism, etc.) to help parents determine whether programs are appropriate for their children.

The DIRECTV Parental Controls feature, available with every DIRECTV receiver, lets you: restrict unsupervised TV viewing based on rating, block specific channels, limit viewing times, and set spending limits for DIRECTV CINEMA movies or live Pay Per View events.

Just follow these quick steps to set up DIRECTV Parental Controls.

If you have a DIRECTV HD receiver or a DIRECTV HD DVR:

  • Select a show or movie.
  • Press INFO on your remote.
  • Select Parental.
  • Select Parental Controls.

For more information on your DIRECTV receiver's Parental Controls feature, see your owner's manual or watch the video.

If you have an SD receiver or a DVR:

  • Press MENU on your remote control

If you select LOCK NOW, you will be asked for a personal identification number (PIN) If you want to watch a restricted channel or program, just enter your PIN when requested. For more information on your receiver's Parental Controls feature, see your owner's manual.


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