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How does prioritization affect recordings?


To handle conflict management on your receiver, you have the ability to prioritize your recordings remotely. You can indicate which program you would prefer to record over another recording that is scheduled at the same time. Remember, the recordings that you have set at home work in conjunction with those you set remotely.

  • "Record if possible" is a normal recording. This recording will occur only if there is a tuner available, there are no already previously set recording conflicts, and there is recording space on the DVR.
  • "Definitely record this" is a high priority recording. This will record your selection even if there are existing conflicts, no tuner available, and no space on the DVR. Previously set recordings might may not record and content in your playlist might be overwritten if you select this method of remote recording option.

If you are trying to schedule a remote recording when the program is already in progress and there are already two other programs that are being recorded at the same time, there is a slight difference between how the DIRECTV Plus® DVR (R15, R16, R22), the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR (HR20, HR21), and the DIRECTV DVR with TiVo® service handle remote conflicts.

For the DIRECTV Plus® DVR

  • Selecting the "Record if possible" option will cause the remote record request to fail. It will not be recorded.
  • Selecting the "Definitely record" option will place the remote record request as a higher priority and force it to be recorded. The older of the two programs that are currently being recorded will then stop recording. If another "Definitely record" request comes in, the previous "Definitely record" request will stop recording and the new one will start.
  • For the DIRECTV Plus® HD DVR and DIRECTV DVR with TiVo® service
  • Selecting either the "Record if possible" option or "Definitely record" option will both cause the remote record request to fail. It will not be recorded
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