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My bill is higher than I expected. Why?


There are a few reasons your bill amount may be different than you expected:

  • Rebates. If you took advantage of a rebate offer when you signed up with DIRECTV, the monthly promotional price was automatically apllied and may now be completely fulfilled. Visit directv.com/rebate to learn more.

  • Bill Adjustments or Partial Charges. Your current balance could be different from your last bill statement as a result of bill adjustments applied after we mailed your bill statement. To view charges or credits applied since your last bill, sign in into your directv.com account and go to My Bills & Transactions. Then select "Recent Activity."

  • Additional Receiver Fee. If you have more than one receiver in your home, we bill you just $6.00 per month for each additional receiver.

  • Payments. Your last payment may not have posted before the current bill statement generated. You can confirm payments on the “My Account Overview” page on directv.com.

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