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My service is scheduled to be interrupted. How do I request a a payment extension?


If you've been informed that your services will be interrupted, you could be eligible for a one-time service interruption extension of up to a maximum of five days. To find out if you're eligible, follow these steps:

Step 2

Click the Paying Late? link.

Step 3

If you see a “Request a Service Interruption Extension” window, you’re eligible for a service interruption extension. Just select your expected payment date and click Submit.

Please note: If you see a “Promise to Pay” window, you’re NOT eligible for a service interruption extension. Your service will be interrupted on the scheduled date unless we receive your payment by then. A Promise to Pay is a way for you to let us know when you will be making a payment. If your account is past due, it will temporarily stop call attempts.

To request an extension by phone, please call us a 1-800-531-5000. At the main menu say, “I need a Payment Extension.”

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