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Customize Your DIRECTV Channel Guide


By default, your DIRECTV receiver displays all the channels DIRECTV offers in the DIRECTV program guide, whether or not you subscribe to them. However, you can limit the displayed channels to just those to which you are subscribed. To learn more about the DIRECTV Program Guide and how to customize your settings, watch one of the videos below.

If you have an SD receiver or a standard DVR, watch this video:

If you have an HD or an HD DVR, watch this video:

See only those channels you're subscribed to. Here’s how:

  • Press GUIDE on your remote
  • Press the yellow button on your remote to display the Guide Options menu.
  • Select Change Favorites List. You can set up one of the two custom lists to include channels you subscribe to. For this example, let's use Custom List 1.
  • Select Setup Custom 1.
  • Select Add Channels I Get.
  • Press SELECT.
  • Press the left arrow twice. A message will pop up asking if you want to change the current favorites list to the custom list you just created.
  • Select Yes, change current.
  • Press GUIDE on your remote.

The DIRECTV Guide will now display only the channels you subscribe to. “Custom 1” should be displayed in the bottom left corner of the guide screen.

Note: You must have a Standard receiver (model D10-100 and above), HD receiver (model H20 or above), Plus DVR (model R15 or higher) or Plus HD DVR (model HR20 and higher) to use this DIRECTV Channel Guide feature.


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