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Where can I find the HD channels available to me?


HD versions of SD channels are located on the same viewer channels as the SD version. Both versions are listed in the program guide. The HD version is the first version listed. For example, tuning to channel 202 (CNN) in the guide shows two listings, the upper in HD and the lower in SD. Typing 3-6-2 ENTER will automatically tune to the HD version.

For HD channels similar to, but not the same as, existing SD channels, they are located in the program guide close to the SD channel number. In some cases, these similar HD channels are put on "sub-channels" like 360-1. In cases like this, the HD channel is listed in numerical order (360-1 follows 360) and direct tuning via remote control requires using the "dash" key in the lower left corner before entering the sub-channel number (all programming and pricing subject to change at any time).  

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