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Why does DIRECTV have to exchange my receivers and/or dish for me to continue to receive local channels in my area?


In selected markets, DIRECTV will be moving local channels to new satellites. As part of this transition we are also changing the manner in which we broadcast local channels (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, etc) in these markets. A more efficient and advanced broadcasting method will be used to deliver these local stations to you. As a result, a more advanced DIRECTV set top box is required to view these local channels. If you have an older set top box it is most likely incompatible with the new broadcast method and must be replaced. In some cases, you may have one box that is compatible and another that is not. If this is the case, DIRECTV will exchange only those boxes which will be made obsolete due to the satellite transition. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The great news is these DIRECTV advanced set top boxes are interactive to enhance your viewing experience.

In addition, you will no longer need two dish antennas to receive your local channels in your area.

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