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How do I turn on DIRECTV subtitles?



DIRECTV now makes it easier to read closed captioning. With the new DIRECTV Subtitles feature, you get the same text as standard closed captioning, but it's now easier to read and more visually appealing. Here's how it works:

  • While watching a live TV program, press the YELLOW button on your remote.
  • You'll see an option for DIRECTV Subtitling.
  • Use the arrow button to highlight it, then press Select.
  • DIRECTV Subtitles will appear over the video.

DIRECTV Subtitles are perfect for noisy bars and gyms, where it's hard to hear the audio. And it's a great visual improvement for the hearing impaired. It's available on the following receiver models: H21 and above; HR 21 and above, and R22. More info

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