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Will my cost for DIRECTV service change in 2014?


Each year television networks increase the programming fees they charge DIRECTV for the right to broadcast their movies, shows and sporting events. As a result, DIRECTV must adjust the price of our programming packages so we can continue to deliver these channels. In 2014, the programming fees we pay to the owners of these television channels will increase about 8%, but DIRECTV is adjusting the average prices you pay by only 3.7%—less than half of that amount.

Rising programming costs affect all TV providers, not just DIRECTV. But, because we work hard to keep these costs under control, we have held our price increases on average below others in the TV industry. New prices take effect February 6, 2014, and will appear on billing statements issued on or after that date.

We are always looking for ways to improve your service and value for your programming dollar. This past year we:

  • Added more than 20 new HD channels, including Investigation Discovery, The Cooking Channel, and TV Land
  • Enhanced DIRECTV Everywhere, now with over 10,000 new shows and movies so you can take more of the shows you love everywhere you go
  • Brought you exclusive DIRECTV Cinema® movies that you can enjoy before they hit theaters
  • Launched a new Help Center and enhanced training for Customer Service agents and Technicians so that we can continue to deliver world class customer service

We are committed to delivering the highest quality entertainment service and value, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the very best DIRECTV have to offer.

Click HERE for more information on 2014 pricing.

Please note: Our price adjustments affect only our regular, non-promotional rates. If you're currently paying a promotional price for your DIRECTV base package, you will continue to pay this price for the remainder of your promotional period.

What is a Regional Sports Fee?
Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) are cable television networks that provide coverage of local or regional sports teams, including professional and college teams, to local markets. In certain areas of the country (determined by ZIP code), DIRECTV is contractually obligated to carry multiple RSNs. The Regional Sports Fee is a nominal fee of up to $3.63 that is a result of higher costs incurred for carrying those networks. Click HERE to check your Regional Sports Fee.

How much will I be paying for my premium services?
Premium services including CINEMAX, STARZ SUPER PACK, SHOWTIME UNLIMITED, and SPORTS PACK will be increasing by $1/month. If you subscribe to multiple premiums, your monthly bill will still only increase by a total of $1 and not $1 for each premium. Customers who have only HBO premium service will continue to pay the same rate per month with no price change.

Will my price change if I am still under my customer agreement?
When our customers sign up for DIRECTV service, we provide equipment and installation at no cost or a significantly discounted cost. When a customer upgrades their DIRECTV system or adds new equipment, we also provide it at a greatly reduced cost.

In exchange for these cost-savings, we ask that our customers agree to subscribe to up to 24 consecutive months of DIRECTV programming. This agreement does not guarantee that pricing and programming will not change, as many factors affect the availability and cost of programming.

If you are currently receiving a promotional offer, you will continue to receive the promotional price for the remainder of the offer period. New customers, for example, may receive promotional discounts for up to 12 months.

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