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How do I read my DIRECTV bill?


We recently made some improvements to your bill to make it easier than ever to understand. Your bill is now clearly organized into easy-to-read sections:

  • Your "Account Number", "Amount Due" and "Due Date" are located at the top of your bill.
  • In the section labeled "Summary", you'll see your statement date, service address and a brief breakdown of your
    amount due.
  • The "Activity" section shows you a detailed itemization of all the activity on your account, including previous balance and payment, charges, fees, adjustments and credits, and sales tax. Notice that credits will always have a minus sign before the amount (example: -$18.00).
  • The bottom portion of the bill is your "remittance slip", the part of the bill you tear off and include with your payment.
    Note: on the back of this slip, you can enroll in Auto Bill Pay to have your bill automatically deducted from your checking account or credit card every month, and change your billing address if necessary.

If you would like view and print a copy of your DIRECTV bill online, sign in to your account (or create an online account if you don't have one) at directv.com/myaccount. Then click on the "Statements" link under "My Account" on the left hand side of the page. You can view statements for the past six months online.

For more information on how your DIRECTV bill is set up, watch this helpful video:



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