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I’m having trouble with the receiver control feature on my DIRECTV app. What should I do?

  1. Make sure the receiver you want to control is connected to your WiFi network.
  2. Only receivers eligible for control will be displayed in the application’s receiver list. Receiver control is supported by the HR20, HR21, R22, HR23, HR24, and H21, H23, and H24. You can check your receiver’s model number by looking under the front panel door , where the red reset switch and your access card are.
  3. High definition receivers without DVRs (models H21, H23, and H24) will need to be manually added the first time, or whenever the IP address for the receiver changes. High definition receivers with DVRs (models HR20, HR21, HR23, and HR24) should be automatically detected if they are correctly connected to the same home network.
  4. Make sure external device control has been enabled on the receiver(s) (Menu button > Parental, Fav’s & Setup > System Setup > Whole-Home > External Device > Allow).
  5. To manually add the receiver, first press the menu button on the DIRECTV remote, then navigate to Setup > System Setup > Info & Test > More system info. Scroll down the page using channel up/down until you see a listing under Network for IP Address. This should be a list of numbers, in the form of xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (Ex: If you do not see a number, the receiver is not currently connected to your home network.
    Once you know the receiver’s IP address, go to Settings (top right corner gear icon) then Receiver Control. A listing of your receivers should appear. For the receiver you want to control manually, tap the blue right arrow button. Four fields should appear next to IP Address. Tap the first blank space to copy the IP address listed on your TV screen. Select validate. This should manually assign an address to the receiver and allow you to control it.
  6. If you have confirmed both a supported receiver and your tablet are connected to the same home network properly and you still cannot control your receiver, please visit for technical assistance.

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