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WiFi Broadband Usage Policy Update


As we continue to work towards this year's company plan of connecting two million customer homes to the Internet, we want to make sure that across the network we are taking advantage of every opportunity and tool we have to achieve that goal. This includes the Wireless Cinema Connection Kit (CCK-W), commonly known on the Work Order as the WIFI BB DECA.


Although the system does automatically select the wired BB DECA OLI on a SWiM Work Order, and this is our preferred / primary solution, we recognize there are several situations where it makes sense for a technician to swap a WIFI BB DECA in place of an existing BB DECA (wired) on the Work Order:

§ if the customer doesn't have an available port on their router (including temporarily unplugging another device),

§ if the router is inaccessible for wiring or

§ if the customer's broadband service is scheduled to be installed but the customer is unsure exactly where their router will be located.

The updated CCK-W policy (attached and posted under Misc. P&P on DWS) allows for swaps under these circumstances, and we strongly urge techs to leverage the WiFi BB DECA to ensure a more likely and consistent Return Path.

Technicians should continue to install a wired product on a SWiM system whenever possible, but achieving connectivity when wired will not work is still critical, and the WiFi BB DECA is our best option in that case.

Work Order / Handheld Updates:

As always, if swapping for a WiFi BB DECA (or vice versa) the Work Order MUST be updated as per policy, so that the correct equipment is recorded to the customer's account in Siebel, and to maintain accurate van inventory. To simplify this process and better empower the technician, effective 9/7/11, technicians can now add and delete both the BB DECA and the WIFI BB DECA OLIs on the handheld. Technicians no longer have to route swap requests through ISS for validation.

Inventory / Van Stock:

Going forward, to ensure that technicians have the equipment available when needed, we are requesting that all technicians carry a minimum of two spare WiFi BB DECAs on their vehicle at all times. To support this policy, throughout this week and next, DIRECTV Supply Chain will begin pushing out increased WiFi BB DECA inventory to local offices that do not already have sufficient inventory on hand. Local warehouse staff should work with their inventory planners to maintain suitable inventory from that point.

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