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Can I use a dish cover, silicone spray, or heater to protect my DIRECTV® Satellite Dish from snow and ice?


DIRECTV Satellite Dishes are designed to prevent snow and ice accumulation on the surface of the dish. Therefore, external devices or sprays to protect the dish are not recommended.

Extensive testing has shown that dish covers are ineffective and might cause problems with signal reception. DO NOT spray silicone, PAM or any slippery oily coating on your DIRECTV Dish. The chemicals in these substances can damage the surface, collect dust, and attract birds, which can also obstruct the signal.

In the case of extreme wintry conditions, a dish heater can be used to prevent snow and ice accumulation on the dish. A dish heater is a peel-and-stick adhesive that holds the heating element to the front of the dish. You can purchase it online from satellitemart.com or cyberstore.com for approximately $80-$180. Note that DIRECTV technicians do not install dish heaters at this time. Please hire a professional to install the heater; DO NOT attempt to install it yourself.


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