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Establishing a wireless connection to your home Wi-Fi network with the Cinema Connection Kit (Wireless) using WPS.

After you've connected the Cinema Connection Kit (Wireless) device to your HD DVR, a message will appear on your TV screen within 60 seconds indicating the connection has been detected. Follow the steps below to proceed.

Step 1

On your wireless router, look for the WPS button -- the label may look like one of the icons in the picture. Press this button and wait until the WPS LED on the router begins to flash.

Step 2

Within the next two minutes, press and hold the WPS button on the Cinema Connection Kit (Wireless) device until the WLAN LED flashes green.

Step 3

When the WLAN LED on the Cinema Connection Kit (Wireless) device displays solid green, you've successfully completed the WPS connection between the Cinema Connection Kit (Wireless) device and the Wi-Fi router. If you still see a message on your TV screen asking if you want to set up your connection now, highlight and select either Set up Now or Set up Later and the message will disappear. Your setup is complete; there are no further steps to take.
If the WLAN LED does not light up, follow these steps:

A. Press and hold the INFO button on your remote until the System Info & Test screen appears.

B. Select Network Setup from the left-hand menu, and then select Connect Now or Repeat Network Setup.

C. When the connection is complete, you'll see a screen showing the details of your wireless connection. Select Continue to proceed.

D. Read the information on the next screen, and then press Done.
That's it! Your setup is complete and you now have access to DIRECTV On Demand movies and shows, as well as all the other benefits of being connected. Please allow up to 48 hours for all the available On Demand programs to become accessible on your HD DVR. To find available programs, go to Channel 1000, or click here to browse online.

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