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I recently updated the DIRECTV App on my tablet and now when I go into the Watch on tablet tab, I see very few movies and TV shows or none at all. How do I find movies and shows to watch on my tablet?


We made some changes to the latest version of the DIRECTV App for tablet. Now when you go into the Watch on iPad tab, you’ll see only those movies and shows included in your DIRECTV subscription package and DIRECTV CINEMA movies you’ve already purchased and are still viewable within your rental period. To find more movies and shows to watch on your iPad, follow these steps:

  • Go to directv.com on your web browser, tap Watch DIRECTV and then tap Movies or TV Shows under WATCH ONLINE.
  • Select any movie or show by tapping on it.
  • On the next screen, tap the Watch Now button to start watching. (You’ll be prompted to sign in with your directv.com online account if you haven’t already done so.) The DIRECTV App will automatically open and your video will start playing within the app.

    If the Watch Now button includes a price, that means your selected movie requires a purchase. Just complete the order on the following screen to start watching.

    If you see an Activate Now button instead of Watch Now, that means the movie or show your selected is from a network you’re not subscribed to. Just tap the button to activate the network. Activation takes just a few minutes. Once activation is complete, your movie or show will be available for viewing.

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