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What types of things can I do with Voice search?


Voice is primarily designed to make search and discovery effortless. No more keying in search terms or scrolling. Now you can just talk.

  • You can search for content by asking for specific celebrities, genres, time frames (such as “on tonight”), even movie themes (like “creepy,” “upbeat,” or “cynical”), parental ratings (like “PG”) or star ratings (such as “only movies rated 5-stars”).
  • If you need help, you can just say, “Help.”
  • When you’re using your TV screen to display your Voice dialogue and searches, you can bookmark titles or go back to a previous screen just by saying “bookmark” or “go back.”
  • When you’re using your TV screen, you can also record, order, or watch the shows you find with those simple commands.

There are some things Voice search does not support:

  • Voice can’t turn your TV on or off, or adjust the volume.
  • Voice doesn’t interact with the native voice control on your phone (for example, Siri).
  • Voice can’t set closed captioning or parental controls.
  • Voice can’t pause or rewind live TV.

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