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I received a notice saying I need to replace my receiver(s). What’s this about?


DIRECTV is currently phasing out some 2003 and older receivers (we call these “MPG” receivers). If you received a notice from us saying we need to replace your receiver, it’s because our records indicate you have one or more of these older receivers. We need to replace them because they will no longer be able to access DIRECTV® programming.

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What replacement receivers will I get? Will my monthly fees go up?

Your replacement receiver(s) will be a newer version of the same type you currently have. For example, if you have a Standard Receiver, we’ll give you a newer-generation Standard Receiver. We’ll ship it to you FREE of charge. There’s NO new programming commitment. And there will be NO increases to your monthly charges. This is simply a receiver swap to make sure you continue to enjoy DIRECTV programming just as you do today.

I own my old receiver. Will I own my replacement receiver?

The replacement receivers are for lease only.

  • Leasing a receiver doesn’t cost you any more on a monthly basis.
  • As the technology in our receivers becomes more advanced, leasing allows us to continue to make updated equipment available to customers who wish to upgrade at a reasonable cost.
  • If you ever do disconnect the receiver, you would just need to return the receiver at no cost to you with prepaid shipping labels. (Un-returned equipment fees of $45 per standard or HD receiver apply. Fees for DVR/HD DVRs are $135 each.)

What do I do with my old receiver(s)?

Please dispose of the older receiver(s) at an electronics recycling center.

Do I need to send my old access card back to DIRECTV?

You do not need to send back your old access card. Remove it from the older receiver and discard it. Please DO NOT put it in the replacement receiver.

I already got my replacement receiver. Why am I still receiving communications about the MPG receiver upgrade?

This is happening because our records show that one or more of your older receivers are still active on your account. Please call us at 1.800.531.5000 to deactivate them.

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