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Current TV (Ch. 358) has been rebranded as Al Jazeera America.

  • WHAT IS AL JAZEERA AMERICA? Al Jazeera America is the new American news channel from Al Jazeera Media Network. Headquartered in New York City and with bureaus in 12 cities across the country, Al Jazeera America offers in-depth news that focuses on the significance of each story to everyday Americans. Al Jazeera America is found on Channel 358 and included in Choice and above.

  • WHY ARE YOU CARRYING AL JAZEERA AMERICA? Al Jazeera America is not a new channel, but rather a rebranding of Current TV, a channel DIRECTV already carried. Since Al Jazeera assumed Current TV’s contracts with providers like DIRECTV, there were no new negotiations or contracts signed to carry the channel. By carrying Al Jazeera America under an existing contract, we’re just maintaining our current channel offering.

  • WHAT HAPPENED TO CURRENT TV? Current TV was sold to Al Jazeera earlier this year and has been rebranded as Al Jazeera America. It will be carried on the same channel – Ch 358 – and in the same programming packages, Choice and above. Each year, many channels carried by DIRECTV decide to change their names—Al Jazeera is simply another network to do so.

  • ISN’T THIS JUST ANOTHER VERSION OF AL JAZEERA ARABIC? Not at all. Al Jazeera America is an entirely new network focused on news here in the U.S. and will be run separately from Al Jazeera Arabic, or Al Jazeera English, which will eventually be phased out in the U.S.

  • WHAT KIND OF CONTENT WILL BE ON AL JAZEERA AMERICA? During its 24-hour U.S. and international news, Al Jazeera America will provide breaking reports, in-depth coverage of ongoing stories, sports, business, lifestyle and investigative journalism, and news documentaries. Familiar faces on the channel include world-class journalist Soledad O’Brien, former chief business correspondent at CNN Ali Velshi, former CBS News anchor Joie Chen, and former NBC Nightly News anchor John Seigenthaler.

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