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How to get your local weather forecast instantly on WeatherNation


WeatherNation, Ch. 361 offers a handy interactive feature on all HD receivers that lets you get your local weather forecast at the press of a button.
Here’s how it works:

1. When you first tune to WeatherNation on Ch. 361, you’ll see a screen prompting you to confirm your ZIP code.

2. Just press SELECT on your remote to confirm. If you want to change the ZIP code, use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to highlight the numbers and enter the numbers you want using the number keys on your remote. When you’re done, highlight Select and press SELECT on your remote.

Note: You only have to confirm your ZIP code once. If you don’t confirm, you'll see the confirmation screen the next time you tune to WeatherNation. Your ZIP code will not be used for any other purpose than to bring you your local weather.

3. You’re now all set. When you’re tuned to WeatherNation, just press the RED button on your remote when you want your local weather. You'll also see your 7-day forecast automatically every 10 minutes.

Tip: Another quick and easy way to get your local weather anytime is by pressing the ACTIVE button on your remote. This takes you to the DIRECTV Active channel, where you’ll see your 5-day forecast, among other useful information (available on all SD (model D10 and higher) and HD receivers.)

Adding more locations for local weather:

You can get the local weather instantly for up to five different locations.

1. Once you’ve confirmed your ZIP code for your first location, press the RED button on your remote while you’re tuned to WeatherNation.

2. Use your RIGHT arrow key to highlight the My Cities tab next to the Forecast tab.

3. On the next screen you’ll see “Add a City” highlighted. Press SELECT.

4. Add a new location either by entering a ZIP code or by selecting a city from the City/State Directory. Use your arrow keys to highlight either option and press SELECT.

5. Enter a ZIP code or select a city/state on the next screen and you’re all set. You can add up to four additional locations for a total of five locations. When you want to see the weather forecast for any of the locations you added, just press the RED button on your remote, use your DOWN arrow to highlight Next at the bottom of the screen, and press SELECT to see each location on your list. Alternatively, you can use your RIGHT arrow key to highlight the My Cities tab, where you'll see a list of your added locations. Select a location using your DOWN arrow and press SELECT.

Watch a video demo of this new interactive feature:


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