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Frequently Asked Questions About Connecting to the Internet


How to connect your receiver to the Internet

How do I connect my Genie® or HD DVR to the Internet?
Can I connect my HD DVR to the Internet by connecting it directly to my router with an Ethernet cable?
How do I know if my HD DVR receiver is connected to the Internet?
Video: Connect Your HD DVR to the Internet
My HD DVR is already connected to the Internet. Will I have to make any changes to my connection if I want to add Whole-Home DVR service?

Benefits of connecting to the Internet

Do I need to connect my receiver to the Internet to be able to schedule recordings using my phone or computer?
Can I access On Demand shows and movies with the Genie® HD DVR?
How do I order DIRECTV Pay Per View movies to watch on TV?
What is DIRECTV On Demand?
What do I need for DIRECTV2PC?
How do I set up the Tablet App with a receiver in my home network?
How do I record On Demand movies and shows to my home DVR from my computer, tablet, or cell phone?
Can I watch YouTube videos on my TV?
How do I use my tablet as a remote control?
What do I need to set up my HD DVR for Media Share?
What do I need in order to watch live TV channels on my mobile devices?
What is Pandora and how do I access it on my TV?
What is the difference between channels you can stream at home and those you can stream everywhere?
How to watch LIVE TV on your computer on directv.com
How to watch LIVE TV on your tablet
How to watch LIVE TV on your mobile device
Do I need an Internet-connected Genie HD DVR to get DIRECTV 4K?


My HD DVR used to be connected to the Internet, but it isn't any longer. Can you remind me of the benefits of an Internet-connected HD DVR?
How do I reconnect it?

What should I do if an On Demand show is taking too long to download to my DVR playlist?
Why can't I access the TV Apps with my remote?
What should I do if some of the channels I subscribe to are missing on the DIRECTV Tablet App?
On Demand titles I select to record online do not show up in my DVR Playlist. Why?
I can’t see my DVR playlist on my device. What should I do?

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