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What are the NFL blackout rules for my home team?

Per NFL regulations, a regular season, Sunday afternoon home team game will not be televised anywhere in a home team's territory if the game does not sell out at least 72 hours prior to kickoff. This is to make sure that the team benefits from a stadium full of enthusiastic fans, to assure the entertainment value of a full stadium, and to protect home game attendance and local television coverage. If it is blacked out on your local broadcast station, it will also be blacked out in your area on NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Each stadium's local blackout area is defined by the broadcast signal of the local affiliate carrying the game, not by the mileage surrounding the stadium.

The NFL has extended certain team's home territory to cover all markets based on the nearest NFL franchise. For example, the San Diego Chargers home team territory has been extended to cover the Los Angeles area. This means that any home Chargers game will be blacked out in the entire Chargers home territory on both NFL SUNDAY TICKET and local CBS or FOX affiliates if it does not sell out at least 72 hours prior to kickoff.

Here's how to find out which home team territory you live in:

Please remember that games broadcast by your local FOX or CBS station may not be available on NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Tune to the local FOX and CBS station to view these games. These blackouts and game availability rules are controlled by the NFL and by the networks that purchase the rights to broadcast the games (FOX and CBS). To protect their rights, we're required to enforce the rules they provide.

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