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Are pro sports shown on the Regional Sports Networks in SPORTS PACK?


We offer Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) from across the nation, which show professional, college, and both domestic and international amateur sports (such as soccer, tennis, boxing, golf, rugby, winter sports, etc.), as well as coaches shows and other specialized programming.

Based on your ZIP code, you have been assigned in-market local RSNs on which you are authorized to view the pro and college games shown on that channel. Due to contractual broadcast rights between the networks and the leagues, those who live outside of your area are not authorized to view the same games. The opposite is true in that you are unable to see pro sports on out-of-market RSNs.

For example, when a network such as MSG purchases the rights from the NBA to broadcast a Knicks game, they pay a fee and broadcast it to the New York City market only. Therefore, we can only allow customers within that market to view the pro games on that channel. When a national network such as TNT broadcasts an NBA game, they have paid a significantly higher fee because they are broadcasting to the entire nation. The fee is much higher due to the advertisement potential.

Because of fans like you who have interest in viewing teams from outside of your home market, the leagues have created professional sports subscriptions such as the NBA LEAGUE PASS and NFL SUNDAY TICKET.

Please understand that these restrictions are placed upon us. Please visit our web site at directv.com/blackouts if you have additional questions about sports blackouts.

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