Why is my bill higher than I expected?

You can see any changes in your bill in the What Changed Since Last Month? section of your paper bill statement.

Here are a few reasons why your bill amount may be different than you expected:

  • You ordered a DIRECTV CINEMA movie or Pay Per View event
  • You have a balance from last month’s bill
  • You added additional equipment or you upgraded your current equipment (e.g., You upgraded an SD receiver to Genie, or you added a Genie Mini)
  • You incurred additional fees (e.g., Phone transaction fee, late fee, disconnection fee, Protection Plan cancellation fee, etc.)
  • A promotional offer or a rebate period has ended (e.g., 3 months of free premium channel offer, bundle credit discount, etc.)
  • You’re subscribed to a sports package that was automatically renewed for the next season
  • Your regional sports fees  have increased due to programmer costs or because you moved to a new area
  • You received additional services or made changes to your account at the time of installation
  • Credits to your account haven’t been applied yet
  • You’re no longer eligible for an Internet bundle credit because you disconnected one of the services or switched to an ineligible base TV package
  • You have partial charges and credits due to service changes made in the middle of the billing period

For more information on how to read your bill, click here.