Will my cost for DIRECTV service change in 2017?

We work diligently to keep costs under control, but due to higher costs of programming, an adjustment in the price of our programming packages is necessary. New rates will be in effect on January 22, 2017. Click here for the new rates.

We are continuing to enhance your service to ensure we bring you the best entertainment experience. Now you can watch your favorite live and recorded shows anywhere through the DIRECTV app, view live shows on the big screen in stunning 4K Ultra HD (limited titles available, compatible equipment required).

Note: If you change your current base package, you may no longer be eligible for any special credit.


What is a Regional Sports Fee?

Regional Sports Networks (RSNs) are cable television networks that provide coverage of local or regional sports teams, both professional and college. This includes national channels, which bring you games and coverage from some of the most highly followed college athletic conferences. In certain areas of the country (determined by ZIP code), DIRECTV also carries multiple RSNs. The Regional Sports Fee is a fee that is related to higher costs incurred for carrying those networks. Click here to check your Regional Sports Fee.

Will my price change if I am still under my customer agreement?

If you signed up for DIRECTV service under a promotion, you will continue to receive promotional pricing for the first 12 months of the agreement, provided you make no changes to your subscription. Once the promotional period ends, the agreement requires that you continue to maintain service for an additional 12 months, at the current pricing. This agreement does not guarantee that pricing and programming will not change once your promotional period ends.

Will my price change if I am currently receiving a promotional offer?

If you are currently receiving a promotional offer, you will continue to receive your applicable promotional discounts for the remainder of the offer period. New customers, for example, may receive promotional discounts on their base programming package for up to 12 months.