Bill Date Change FAQ

Why is my bill date changing?

As AT&T and Directv become one company, we are making some billing period updates to make this transition as easy as possible. That’s why we’re updating your bill date now, rather than later. Since your bill date is changing, that means you’re bill period will change too. More details below.


Will the date for my auto pay change?

No: Your auto pay date will not change.*


Why will my first bill be different?

Since we’re changing over to the new bill period, your first bill may have fewer days or more days than before. It just depends on how long your bill period is. This will only change your bill for one month.


If my first bill is higher, am I being charged more than one month?

No, you’re only paying for that month. Since we’re changing over to this new bill period, there may be more days for one month only. This means your bill will be slightly higher this time around. After this first bill period, your bill will go back to the normal amount of days.


Once my bill period is updated, will my new monthly bill be the same as my current monthly bill?

Yes, after we move you over to the new billing period, your bill will go back to the normal amount from the very next bill and all those thereafter.


Who can I call if I have questions?

Call us at 1.800.531.5000 if you have questions about your bill.


*If you receive your bill through a 3rd party, please contact them directly regarding questions on your payment date.