Refer a Friend Credit FAQ

Why is there a credit called “Refer a Friend” on my bill?
The “Refer a Friend (xx of 10)” credit on your bill shows your monthly discount for referring a friend to DIRECTV. We’re updating the Refer-a-Friend program to give you the remaining amount as a one-time credit instead of spreading it out monthly.

I received a letter saying I would get a one-time credit for the remaining amount of my “Refer a Friend” credit. Why haven’t I received it?
The updated Refer a Friend one-time credit will show on your bill by January 2018 and only applies if your account is in good standing. If it is and you haven’t received the one-time credit, be sure to call us at 1.800.DIRECTV.

How was the Refer a Friend one-time credit amount determined?
The one-time credit is the remaining amount of your Refer a Friend monthly credits. We multiplied your monthly credit amount by the number of months left to receive that credit. That total is your Refer a Friend one-time credit amount. Look for your remaining number of credits on your last bill in the section “Refer a Friend (xx of 10).”

Can I choose in how you process my refund?
No, we applied the Refer a Friend credit as a one-time programming credit. You won’t see any more monthly Refer a Friend credits on your bills.

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