3D TV Programming


You can watch some of the hottest Hollywood blockbusters in amazing 3D on DIRECTV CINEMATM (Ch. 1100). You can even record 3D content with your HD DVR. However, it must be connected to a compatible 3D television to view the recorded content.

Note: Pay Per View movies expire 24-72 hours (depending on the movie) after you start watching them.


Equipment needed for 3D TV

To watch 3D TV, you’ll need the following:

  • HD DVR or HD receiver – If you have a HR21 or newer model HD DVR, or if you have a H21 or newer receiver, there is no need to swap out your existing equipment. However, if you have an older HD DVR (HR20 or before) or HD receiver (H20 or before), you will need to upgrade to the newer model. There is no cost for this swap.
  • A compatible 3D TV – There are several 3D TV options. Our receivers detect whether your TV can support 3D or not and only make the 3D channel available if the TV supports it. If your HD receiver is not connected to a supported 3D television, there will be no video and you will see an on-screen message that says, “This program cannot be viewed because this TV is not 3D capable.” We suggest the following Panasonic 3D TV models: TC-P54VT25, TC-P58VT25, or TC-P65VT25.
  • 3D glasses – 3D glasses will come with most 3D TV sets but the exact number of 3D glasses may vary. You can wear these over your regular glasses or contact lenses. 3D glasses are matched to the specific 3D television. For example, you need Panasonic glasses to watch 3D content in Panasonic HD 3D televisions.
  • Advanced Receiver Service or Advanced Receiver Service-HD