What is the My Favorite Channels list and how do I use it?

My Favorite Channels lets you gather your favorite channels in one convenient online location.

  • To add a channel to My Favorite Channels, click the “Heart” icon when you see it next to a channel in the online Guide or on the Channel details page.
  • To remove a channel from this list, click the “x” on the top-right corner of a channel tile.
  • To see a list of upcoming programs on a particular channel, click Upcoming show times below the channel poster. Click any program to record it to your home DVR.
  • Click View in guide to view your favorite channels in the online Guide.
  • Click Remove All to clear My Favorite Channels.

How to access your My Favorite Channels list
Click Playlist in the top navigation menu. (If you don’t see Playlist, place your cursor over Watch DIRECTV to reveal the entertainment menu.) If you’re not already signed in to your online DIRECTV account, you will be asked to enter your username and password or create an account.