When will I receive my in-game gifts?

The BlizzCon Code should arrive within 72 hours of purchase.  To unlock your in-game gifts during or after BlizzCon event, go to the URL provided in the e-mail, login with your battle.net account, and input the code to unlock your in-game gifts.

If you ordered via remote, you will receive your code after you have emailed BlizzCon@DIRECTV.com with your account information, and after your remote order has been confirmed by DIRECTV.  Please note this means you will receive your BlizzCon code up to five (5) business days after the event. If you are interested in watching the event via the Internet Virtual Ticket coverage, or in receiving your in-game gifts before the event, we strongly recommend ordering this PPV event online via http://www.DIRECTV.com/DTVAPP/content/BlizzCon.