Fix issues with closed captioning

Closed Caption issues can originate from several different programming sources. DIRECTV is not creating and/or modifying captioning data but passes information received from the original program provider through to our customers. DIRECTV broadcast systems are designed to pass-through captioning without adding any degradation to the caption data stream.

Possible causes

The most common Closed Caption errors originate from programming sources and program guide information vendors. For example, the local Television Broadcast Station may be experiencing technical problems in the generation of captions especially during live programming events, such as local news, sporting events, etc. If programming received from the national networks includes captioning errors, local affiliated stations will pass those errors along as part of the broadcast feed they deliver to DIRECTV. In extremely rare cases there are errors found in the DIRECTV broadcast system configuration.

In some cases, a customer’s hardware may cause good Closed Caption information to be missing or garbled. In these cases, it is necessary to reset the equipment or to verify that the local settings are correct.


For closed-captioning issues (immediate, inquiries & complaints):

DIRECTV Closed Captioning
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