What is Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) and how does it work?

Your DIRECTV service includes SAP (Secondary Audio Programming), which allows you to enjoy English-language programming in several different languages. The language you select on-screen will become the default language for  your programming and activates automatically when SAP is available.

 If you have an HD receiver or HD DVR:

1.     Press MENU on your DIRECTV remote control.

2.     Select SETTINGS.

3.     Select AUDIO.

4.     Choose LANGUAGE and select your preferred language.  


If you have a Standard receiver or DVR:

1.     Press MENU on your DIRECTV remote control.

2.     Select PARENTAL, FAV’S & SETUP.

3.     Select SYSTEM SET-UP.

4.     Select AUDIO.

5.     Choose LANGUAGE and select your language of choice.

Many of the movies on DIRECTV CINEMA™ and premium channels have SAP functionality. Other channels offer SAP on a show-by-show basis. If a particular program is SAP enabled, it will be indicated in the program description that appears on the channel guide.

Premium movie channels with SAP:

  • HBO East
  • HBO West
  • HBO 2
  • HBO Signature
  • HBO Family East
  • HBO Family West
  • Cinemax
  •  Starz East
  • Starz West
  • Starz Edge
  • Starz in Black
  • Encore East
  • Encore West
  • Encore WAM
  • Showtime East
  • Showtime West
  • SHO 2
  • Showtime Showcase
  • Showtime Extreme