Using Your DIRECTV Universal Remote

The DIRECTV Universal remote gives you total control over your DIRECTV system.

  • Equipment controls: Program your remote and use the Mode Switch to control other devices.
  • DVR controls: If you have a DIRECTV DVR, use these controls to pause live TV, record a program, and rewind or fast-forward recorded shows.
  • Navigation buttons: Use these to move around the program guide and various on-screen menus.
  • Keypad: Use the numbers to type a channel number directly.
  • DIRECTV menu: Press MENU on your remote to search for programs.
  • Shortcuts: The color buttons on you remote are special shortcuts, whose functions change depending on what you’re watching. In many cases, that function is explained in a guide located on the lower right of your TV screen.

Watch the video to learn more about your DIRECTV Universal remote, including advanced options.