How do I record shows on my DVR using my remote control?

Recording shows on your DVR receiver is just a matter of finding the show you want to record and pressing the orange R button
on your remote control.

There are a couple ways to find your show.
If you know what day, time, and channel your show airs:


Press GUIDE on your remote and use your arrow keys to scroll to your show.


When you’ve found your show, highlight it and just press the orange R button to record the episode. If you want to record the entire series, press the button twice in quick succession.


A single R next to the title indicates the episode only will be recorded, and a stack of three Rs indicates the entire series is set to be recorded.
If you’re not sure what day, time, or channel your show airs, or if you want to find an alternate airing, use the DIRECTV Smart Search feature.

If you don’t know what day, time, and channel your show airs:


Press MENU on your remote, select Search & Browse, and then select Smart Search.


Enter your search by using your arrow keys to highlight your letters and pressing SELECT to enter each letter.


When your show appears in the results, select it and then highlight the airing you want to record.


Press the orange R button once to record just the episode or twice in quick succession to record the entire series.

You can also record any show as you’re tuned into it. Just press the orange R button. If you happen to have been tuned in to the channel from the start of the show, the DVR will automatically record it from the beginning.

You can even set your DVR when you’re not in front of your TV using your computertablet, or cell phone.