How do I program my Genie Remote?

Please note: For the best experience, we strongly recommend using a Genie Remote to control your Genie HD DVR. The DIRECTV Universal Remote Control is not compatible with a Genie HD DVR. Learn more
You can see an easy step-by-step guide to programming your remote right on your TV screen:
ImagePress MENU on your remote control
ImageSelect Settings & Help
ImageSelect Settings
ImageSelect Remote Control
ImageSelect Pair/Program Remote
ImageFollow the on-screen prompts




Genie Remote is compatible with all DIRECTV receivers and DIRECTV Ready TVs in IR mode—requires pointing at the equipment. It’s also compatible with Genie™ (model HR44 or above) and Genie™ Mini (model C41 or above), and Wireless Genie™ Mini (model C41W or above) in RF mode—no need to point.