Troubleshoot your Wireless Genie Mini

If you’re experiencing issues with your Wireless Genie Mini setup, such as you’re not seeing a clear picture on your TV or not seeing a picture at all, they’re likely due to an interrupted signal or poor signal strength. Here are some things you can check:


Locate your Wireless Video Bridge and make sure it’s standing upright and nothing is covering it. Confirm that the LED is blue.


Make sure the location of your Wireless Video Bridge meets the following requirements:

  • It’s at least 8 feet away from your Genie HD DVR (your main Genie receiver).
  • It’s at least 8 feet away from your Wi-Fi router if you have one.
  • It’s at least 4 feet away from your Wireless Genie Mini device but within 85 feet of it.



If the Wireless Video Bridge is not obstructed and its LED is blue, has your Wireless Genie Mini been moved from its original location? If so, check the following:

  • Check that the LED on the Wireless Genie Mini is green. If it is, make sure the HDMI connection to your TV is secure and the correct TV input source is selected.
  • If the LED on the Wireless Genie Mini is yellow, the Wireless Genie Mini may be in a location preventing a good signal from the Wireless Video Bridge. Interferences can be caused by exterior walls, stone walls such as fireplaces, or the Wireless Video Bridge may be located behind a TV or other blocking surfaces.