How do I connect a replacement non-Genie receiver?

See below for step-by-step instructions on how to connect a replacement non-Genie receiver

Step 1
Swap your non-working receiver with your replacement non-Genie receiver.



Step 2

A. Disconnect and remove any adapters that were connected to the cable cord that went into the back of your old receiver.

B. Connect all the cables and accessories to your replacement receiver, connecting the power cord last.
Learn how to connect the satellite cable
Learn how to connect your receiver to your TV

C. Power on your replacement receiver and your TV.



Step 3

Insert your new access card as shown in the image to the right. The chip should be facing down with the logo or picture facing up. Your new access card should be found taped to the top of your replacement receiver in a plastic sleeve.

Note: On some receiver models, the access card slot is on the right side of the receiver.



Step 4
Reset your remote.
A. On the remote, press and hold MUTE and SELECT.
B. You will see the GREEN LED blink twice.
C. Press 9-8-7 on your remote.


Step 5

Follow the guided setup screens on your TV. When you get to the Satellite Dish Setup screen, keep the default settings as-is and leave the Order ID field blank. Simply select Continue.



Step 6
Activate your replacement receiver online or call our automated activation line at 1-800-388-6597.


Step 7


Step 8

Return or recycle your non-working receiver. If you see a pre-paid shipping label in the plastic pouch on the outside of the box your replacement receiver arrived in, you must return your non-working receiver and access card within 7 days to avoid non-return fees.* If you don’t see a pre-paid shipping label, we encourage you to return your non-working equipment to our electronic recycling center.

*Non-return fees are based on type of receiver: Standard ($45), DVR ($135), HD ($45), HD DVR ($135), Genie™ ($135).