How do I connect a replacement Wireless Genie Mini?

See below for step-by-step instructions on how to connect a replacement Wireless Genie Mini.

Step 1
Swap your non-working Wireless Genie Mini with your replacement Wireless Genie Mini.
Step 2
  • Disconnect and remove any adapters that were connected to the cable cord that went into the back of your old device.
  • Connect all the cables and accessories to your replacement Wireless Genie Mini, connecting the power cord last.  Learn how to connect your Wireless Genie Mini to your TV
  • Power on your Wireless Genie Mini and your TV. “Connecting to Video Bridge” screen should appear.

Step 3

Go to the Genie HD DVR to begin the Replace a Client guided setup.
Note: You may need your serial number, MAC address, and model number. This information can be found on the bar code sticker on the outside of the box your replacement Wireless Genie Mini came in.

a. On your Remote, press MENU, select Settings & Help, select Settings, then Whole-Home. Select Manage Client and then Add Clients.
b. Note the PIN that displays on the screen-you will need to enter the PIN on your Genie Mini at its location. Leave the Genie HD DVR on this screen until the setup of the Wireless Genie Mini is complete.


Step 4
Follow the guided setup screens on the TV connected to your replacement Wireless Genie Mini:
a. Return to the location where you set up your Wireless Genie Mini.
b. Wait two minutes or until the Connect Now label is active.
c. Confirm that the Wireless Signal Strength icon displays three (3) GREEN bars. If it doesn’t, see troubleshooting instructions.
d. Select Connect Now.
e. The Enter PIN screen will display after the connection countdown.
f. Using your remote control, enter the PIN you noted in Step 3b. Then select Replace a Location. Select the Client that you wish to remove and select Replace. Confirm your choice by selecting Yes, Replace.
The new Wireless Genie Mini may display a flashing red LED and the screen may flash gray intermittently during this setup step.
g. Return to the Genie HD DVR and select DONE on the Add a Client screen.
If the Wireless Genie Mini displays the ENTER PIN screen again after the two-minute connection countdown, please call 800.531.5000 to complete your activation.
Step 5

Activate your receiver online or call our automated activation line at 800.388.6597.

Step 6
Step 7

Return your non-working Wireless Genie Mini. You must return it within 7 days to avoid non-return fee of $45.

a. Pack up ONLY your non-working Wireless Genie Mini and power cord in the box your replacement Wireless Genie Mini came in using the packing materials provided in the box. DO NOT INCLUDE your remote control, cables, accessories, or any personal equipment such as DVD players.
b. Tear off the receipt tab on the bottom of the return shipping label and keep for your records. Affix the return shipping label over the original shipping label.
c. Drop off the box at your local Post Office™ or FedEx® location. Regardless of which option you choose, you can track your shipment on as they are in partnership with the United States Postal Service® for these shipments.