DIRECTV Receiver Menu Update FAQ


Why did you change the menu?
We updated the DIRECTV menu playlist and guide experience so you can access, discover and manage your content quickly and easily.


What receivers will see the updated experience?

  • Genie models: HS17-100, HS17-500, HR44-200, HR44-500, HR44-700, HR54-200, HR54-500, HR54-700, H44-100, H44-500
  • Genie Mini models: C31-700, C41-100, C41-500, C41-700, C41W-100, C41W-500, C51-100, C51-500, C51-700, C61-100, C61-500, C61-700, C61K-700
  • DIRECTV ready TVs

    Do I have to do anything with my equipment?
    No. The update will be made automatically.


    Can I switch back to the previous look and feel?
    Once the new version is installed the newly improved experience is permanent.


    Will I lose my DVR content?
    No; there will be no impact to your saved DVR content and library. Just resume and enjoy.


    I have a mix of equipment in my home. Which models will receive the new menu?
    Due to software compatibility, the new look is available for the equipment models referenced above. If you have an older model (not listed above), the user interface will not change.


    How do I navigate the new menu and other enhanced sections?
    We encourage you to navigate our enhanced look and feel so you can discover new features as well as entertainment content.*
    • Press [MENU] on the remote to access your favorite channels, recordings, exclusive content and On Demand faster.
    • Press [LIST] on the remote to access and manage your recordings easily in our streamlined Recordings list.
    • Press [-] on the remote from any screen to launch our improved search.


    *Availability of content varies based on programming package subscription. Certain features require internet-connected Genie HD DVR.