How can I watch DIRECTV on my tablet?

With DIRECTV, you can watch hit movies and shows on your tablet anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection. Choose from hundreds of the latest DIRECTV CINEMA™ movies, the hottest shows and movies, and more!

Download the free DIRECTV App from the App Store or Google Play. See a list of supported devices



Go to on your web browser. Click Movies or TV Shows in the main navigation bar (If you don’t see Movies or TV Shows, tap Watch DIRECTV to reveal the entertainment menu).




You can filter your entertainment by how you want to watch. Select Watch on Tablet (or Watch on iPad) to see the movies or TV shows available to watch online.




Once you’ve found the title you want to watch, just tap the poster and then tap Watch. if you selected a TV series, tap Watch Episodes. Pick the episode you want to watch, then tap Watch.




Tap Watch on Tablet (or Watch on iPad). You’ll be prompted to sign in with your online account if you haven’t already done so.

If the Watch on Tablet (or Watch on iPad) button includes a price, that means your selected movie requires a purchase. Just complete the order on the following screen to start watching.

If you see an Activate Now or Upgrade button instead of Watch Now, that means the movie or show your selected is from a network you’re not subscribed to. Just tap the button to activate the network. Activation takes just a few minutes. Once activation is complete, your movie or show will be available for viewing. The network will now also be available on your TV, and its movies and shows will be available on all your devices, including your computer, tablet, and cell phone.

When you start watching, the DIRECTV App will open automatically and your video will start playing within the app.




 Try the Search field at the top of the page to quickly find titles.

Note: Not all titles are available for online viewing, so you may not always see the Watch Now button or the Watch Online link.