DIRECTV Remote Control App FAQ (Android)

Where can I download the DIRECTV Remote App for Android?

The DIRECTV Remote Control App for Android can be downloaded here.


What does the DIRECTV Remote Control app do?

The app allows you to control your internet connected DIRECTV receivers from your Android smart phone. There are two primary locations where you can access remote control buttons. Controls that appear in your notification drawer and controls within the app itself


What do I need in order to use the app?

Remote control requires a Wi-Fi connection to your home network and a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR (models R22, Genie, HR20 or higher) connected to the same network. Remote control also works with available client receivers C31 and higher


How come the app isn’t able to find my receiver?

A: There can be several reasons. Your receiver may not be connected to your network, your receiver is connected to a different network than the remote control app. Before using the DIRECTV Remote app make sure your DIRECTV receiver is set up properly. Go to your DIRECTV receiver’s MENU, then select Settings & Help > Settings > Whole-Home > External Device. Make sure “External Access” and “Current Program” are set to Allow


How do I change the receiver I want to control?

Go to Settings and then Receiver in the app.


How come I don’t see all of my connected receivers in the receiver selection menu?

When you tap on refresh in the menu or your Wi-Fi state changes the app will search for receivers on your network. If a receiver is busy it may not show up during this process. Try hitting refresh again.


What does the Notification setting do?

After setting up your DIRECTV Remote app notifications will appear in your notification drawer and lock screen when your phone connects to the same network as your receiver and disappears when you leave the network. You can turn off notifications in the app’s settings menu. Note: The global notifications in your phone’s menu will take precedent and will override the settings you make within the DIRECTV remote control app.


What does the “Incoming Call” setting do?

The DIRECTV remote provides a convenient option to access play and pause playback from your call screen. This option appears when you receive an incoming all. You can toggle this option on or off.