How can I confirm my tablet and HD DVR are on the same Internet network?

On the iPad
1. Tap Settings
2. Tap Wi-Fi
3. Tap the blue arrow beside the network to which you are connected
4. Check the IP address assigned to the iPad, e.g.,

On your HD DVR
1. Select Menu
2. Select Setup
3. Select System Setup
4. Select Info and Test
5. Select More System Info
6. Page down twice, then check the IP address assigned to the HD DVR, e.g.,

The IP address for the tablet and the HDDVR must have the same first three sets of number, e.g., If the tablet and HDDVR do not have the same first three sets of numbers, your iPad and HDDVR are not on the same network.

Possible causes for this include:

A. If you have two routers in the home – the tablet is connected to one, the HD DVR to the other.
B. Your tablet is connected to a Wi-Fi network not in your home.
C. For added security, some brands of routers treat Wi-Fi as separate from an Ethernet cable connection within the same router. If your HD DVR is connected to the router by Ethernet cable, and the tablet to the router via Wi-Fi, they may not see each other. Check your router manual as you may need to configure your setup.