How to watch LIVE TV on your tablet

All streamable channels are available to watch within your home Wi-Fi network. However, select channels are available to watch anywhere, over any Wi-Fi network. Watch video

See what you need to stream in and out of home.

Before you proceed with the steps below, please install the FREE DIRECTV App from the App Store or Google Play.



Within your home Wi-Fi network, launch the DIRECTV App. All the channels available for Live Streaming are listed in the Live TV Streaming module. Just tap any program to start watching.

If you find that most of the programs in Live Streaming module are greyed out, your tablet is not joined to your home Internet network. Proceed to Step 2.




Tap the MAIN MENU icon on the upper left corner. Look next to “Receiver” at the bottom of the main menu. If you see “No Receiver,” tap it and then follow the instructions to link your tablet to the HD DVR that’s connected to your home network.




Once your tablet is connected to your home Internet network, go back to your home screen. All the programs in the Live TV Streaming module are now available to stream. Programs with a “Streaming +” icon are available to stream outside your home.