How do I stream live and recorded shows from the DIRECTV App?

Now you can take the same DIRECTV that you watch at home anywhere with the DIRECTV App.

Here’s how to start. You’ll need a account or AT&T Access ID.  If you don’t have either, you can create a account right from the DIRECTV App or by clicking here.  Once you’re logged in to the app, you can live stream, watch your DVR playlist, and download your DVR to your mobile device. You’ll also have instant access to over 20,000 movies and shows to stream. Watch the video below to learn more.

Learn more about the DIRECTV App in the App Store or Google Play.

Tip: If your DIRECTV account is bundled with Wireless, Internet, and/or Phone, your AT&T User ID and password were emailed to you the day you ordered your new service (examples: username or