Can I use a leased DIRECTV receiver in my mobile vehicle?

Yes, you can use any leased DIRECTV receiver (DIRECTV Standard® Receiver, DIRECTV Plus® DVR, DIRECTV® HD or DIRECTV Plus®HD DVR), as long as your vehicle remains stationary. Keep in mind that your DIRECTV receiver should remain active at all times. Leased equipment should not be deactivated or it automatically starts the equipment return process. You can add more receivers to your DIRECTV account here.

If you want to enjoy DIRECTV while your vehicle is on the move, you need a special receiver — model KVH SD-HBK, SD-HBK2 or DIRECTV M10 — that is specifically designed to work with your KVH mobile TracVision dish. These receivers contain a standard DIRECTV access card and are usually installed in the trunk or under the car seat. TV monitors are not included and should be purchased separately. Please contact KVH Industries directly to obtain your equipment.