Can I purchase DIRECTV equipment instead of leasing?

All DIRECTV equipment offers are for leased equipment only. Equipment costs, particularly for advanced products such as HD and/or DVR receivers, can be sizable and we believe leasing provides our customers a better and more affordable alternative. Also, as the technology in our receivers becomes more advanced, leasing allows us to continue to provide the latest equipment to you — at minimal cost. Leasing also permits affordable upgrades and free replacement receivers.

Our best equipment deals can always be found online. See our best offer for new customers.

While receivers may be purchased, most customers find that leasing is a more affordable alternative. If you’d rather purchase a DIRECTV System instead of leasing directly from us you may be able to do so, but the cost will be greater than leasing. Please call us at 1-800-DIRECTV to find out what equipment is available.

In addition, select retailers may offer a purchase option for new customers. Your best bet is to check with individual retailers. To find one nearest you, please visit and enter your ZIP code in the lookup field. Please note that not all of these retailers may offer a purchase option.