What is FCO and why do I need to provide for service?

Fire Code Occupancy is the maximum building occupancy that is allowed in a commercial business and is typically validated through an FCO Certificate. The FCO Certificate is used to price DIRECTV® programming for Commercial customers.
Please ensure that you have your FCO certificate or other FCO documentation available to send to AT&T when adding a new sports subscription for the first time. Alternative FCO documentation can include:
• Building Occupancy Certificate (only if maximum occupancy is listed);
• Business License (stating number of seats);
• Letter from Fire Marshall, building inspector or other city official (must be signed, on official city letterhead and indicate specific occupancy);
• Certificate of Inspection (stating capacity of location);
• Life Hazard Use Certificate of Registration (stating maximum capacity number).
FCO documentation is subject to review and approval prior to the activation of programming.