Get help with error message: Wired Connection Lost

If you’re seeing a Video Connection Lost error message on your TV screen, it means the Genie Mini receiver cannot connect to your main Genie server. Before troubleshooting, please make sure you have access to your Genie HD DVR and Genie Mini.

Solution 1: Check Genie Mini connections

  1. Check all the connections between your Genie Mini and the wall outlet and make sure they’re secure.
  2. Ensure there are no unnecessary adapters, such as DECA, connected to your Genie Mini.

Still seeing Connection Lost? Try the next solution.


Solution 2: Reset your Genie Mini and Genie HD DVR

  1. Reset your Genie Mini by pressing the red reset button on the side. If you’re still seeing the┬áConnection Lost message, continue to step 2.
  2. Go to your Genie HD DVR and reset it by pressing the red button located inside the access card door on the right side of the front panel.
  3. Go back to your Genie Mini. If Connection Lost still displays, please call us at 800.531.5000 for additional help.

Be sure to have your 9-digit DIRECTV account number handy. Your account number is displayed on your billing statement as well as online in your account.